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  • What are the biggest challenges we face?
    Often saying goodbye and preparing the young person to move on. Our proudest achievement has been achieving a permanent placement for a young person who has faced a failed adoption a placement that has now been 5 years and more recently the young person has made contact with a sibling for the first time which was amazing.

  • How long have we been fostering?
    We have been fostering for over 9 years we have never looked back and cared for children with very different needs both for respite and long term placements.We have faced many challenges along the way but have never looked back

  • What is it like fostering for an independent agency?
    Moments always put the children first, we receive excellent support and supervision we really value the support groups which give us an opportunity to meet other carers and share experiences. We are treated as professionals and receive a professional payment.

  • What has changed the most for us since fostering?
    Our confidence has grown and caring for many different needs has given us experience and a wealth of knowledge.

  • "Super people, Doing a Super job"

  • What do you enjoy most about fostering?
    What we enjoy most about fostering is seeing a child develop in our care. Seeing them build confidence and watching them smile.

  • What is it like to foster for an independent fostering agency like Moments?
    We have only ever worked for Moments so this is all we know. We are happy and receive lots of training and support.

  • What has changed the most for you since you began fostering?
    Obviously the dynamics of our family home as where there used to be 4 of us there are now 6. This is a good change which we have all embraced. The foster children are very much part of our family! It's brought fun and laughter as well as ups and downs.

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