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Moments Fostering Agency offer professional and reliable services in the fostering sector, each of them tailored to suit a carer's specific circumstances. It goes without saying that this includes a detailed assessment and training package ending with you then being passed as Foster Carers at our independent panel.
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What is fostering?

Fostering is a way of providing a safe and stable family home for a child or young person who can’t live with their birth family. There are many reasons why children need foster care and many types of placement you can provide.


Who can apply to become a foster carer?

Anyone can apply to foster with us. We welcome foster carers from all walks of life; no matter what your gender, age, race or sexual orientation.

  • You need a spare room
  • You need to be over 21
  • No birth children under 5 years old (however we may consider an application if you have extensive experience of working with foster children - please contact us if this is applicable)
  • Non smokers preferable
  • You need to be able to drive and have access to a car.
  • You need to have British Citizenship or permanent leave to stay in the UK


What other checks are carried out?

In order to find out if fostering is right for you, we’ll carry out a number of checks on you and your home.

  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS – formally CRB) checks on everyone in the house over 16 years old.
  • Checks with your local authority or health trust social work service
  • Medical health checks
  • Checks with the education departmentChecks with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) which lists those prevented from working with childrenA standard safeguarding check on your home

We will also request references from previous employers and two people who have known you for longer than two years.


Will a criminal conviction prevent me from fostering?

A criminal conviction won’t always prevent you from being a foster carer – it depends on the nature of the conviction and when it occurred. We carry out DBS checks as part of our application process, but advise you to declare and discuss any convictions early on as this may prevent you from proceeding regardless of the nature of any offence.

If I’m going to be the main foster carer, do you need to carry out checks on my partner as well?

All couples living together will be partners in fostering so both will need to have the necessary checks. Children who foster also have a hugely important role so we’ll need to carry out checks on any of your own children over the age of 16.


Who is responsible for taking foster children to school or the doctors?

As a foster carer, you have responsibility for these day-to-day tasks; the school run and doctor’s trips included.


How much will I get paid to be a foster carer?

Our fostering allowances and fees vary from Placement to Placement. This is because they are based on the type of placement you have and the needs of the child in your care. On average though, our foster carers receive over £400 per child, per week.


Will I pay tax on my earnings?

Foster carers are classed as self-employed which means you’re entitled to tax relief on your income. You could pay very little, or no, tax or national insurance, depending on your own financial circumstances. Visit the HMRC site dedicated to this to find out more.


What is the difference between fostering with an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA) and a local authority?

Moments Fostering are an Independent Fostering Agency. Meaning we run independently from the government. We put our Children at the heart of our business.





The Process in greater detail

The process of assessing someone to be a foster carer is a lengthy and detailed one which may take up to 8 months to complete. It will be carried out by social worker who will make visits to your family home, talk to you about your hobbies, interests and lifestyle, as well as taking up references from your friends and employer. You will also be required to undergo a medical and apply for an enhanced disclosure to check for any offences you may have committed in the past.

With effect from 1st July 2013, the Government has tried to speed up the assessment process by introducing a 2 stage procedure so that applicants who are not thought to be suitable can be informed at an earlier stage of their assessment.

The two stages can be done at the same time, but the information required for Stage 1 must be sought as soon as possible and a decision about whether someone has successfully completed stage 1 must be made within 10 working days of all the information required in that stage being received by the fostering service.

Stage 1
New Guidance on the Assessment & Approval of foster carers, issued under the Care Planning, Placement and Case Review and Fostering Services (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2013 states that if, at any point during Stage 1 of the assessment process the agency decision maker decides that the applicant is not suitable to foster, they must write to the applicant informing them of their decision and give full reasons for it. At the latest, the decision must be made within 10 working days of the information required by stage 1 being received.
If during stage 1 it is decided that an applicant is not suitable to foster, the applicant has no right of review of this decision by the Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) or to make representations to the fostering service provider. However, if they are unhappy about the way their case has been handled, they are able to complain using the fostering service’s complaints procedure. This would address only the way their application was handled, not their suitability to foster.

Stage 2
If it is decided to proceed to stage 2 of the assessment, further information will be sought by the fostering service which will be included in a written report to the fostering panel together with the recommendations of the assessing social worker as to the suitability of the applicant to foster..
Once a Stage 2 assessment has been started, it must be completed, unless:

  • The assessment is terminated following a brief report
  • The applicant withdraws from the process
  • The applicant is deemed unsuitable as a result of stage 1 of the assessment 9 only where stages 1 and 2 have been carried out concurrently)
  • It becomes apparent that the applicant or a member of their household has been convicted of or cautioned for specified offence (see Regulation 26(6).
  • If during stage 2 of the assessment, information comes to light indicating that the applicants is unsuitable to foster, a “brief report” can be written setting out details of the assessment so far and the reasons for considering the applicant unsuitable. The applicant must be:

  • Notified that a Brief Report is being sent to the panel,
  • Provided with a copy of this report, and
  • Given 10 working days from the date of the notification to send their observations to the fostering provider
  • The brief report will be presented to panel along with any observations submitted by the applicant for the panel to consider. The agency decision maker will then make any decision as to whether to terminate the assessment taking into account the recommendations of the panel.
    If in Stage 2, following a brief or full report, it is determined that an applicant is not suitable to foster, they must be informed in writing of this decision, the reasons for it, and that they may, (within 28 calendar days) seek a review of this decision (known as a Qualifying Determination) by the IRM or make representations to the fostering service’s own panel.

    Upon completion of Stage 2 a written report covering both stages 1 and 2 of the assessment should be completed, with recommendations as to the applicants suitability and terms of approval. As with the brief report, the applicant must be notified that the full assessment report is to be sent to panel, provided with a copy of the report, and given 10 working days from the date of the notification to send their observations to the fostering service.
    The full assessment report must then be presented to panel together with any observations submitted by the applicant and any other relevant information. It is usual for applicants to foster to be invited to attend the fostering panel, along with their assessing social worker, when their application is being discussed so that they can answer any questions panel may have for them.

    A full assessment should be presented to panel within 8 months of the application to foster being made. Once Panel has made their recommendation, the agency decision maker will make their decision taking into account panel’s recommendation.

    Once a foster carer is approved, they must be notified in writing of this fact and of their terms of approval. These will specify, for example, that they may foster only a certain number, age or gender of children, or may identify a maximum number of placements which can be made at any one time. Terms may include, short term, long term, respite, or shared care placements, and foster carers will be required to sign a Foster Care Agreement with their fostering service. Once approved by one fostering service, foster carers may not be approved by another fostering service at the same time.

    Take a look at the benefits of Fostering

  • Experience a sense of achievement from helping others
  • Work from home
  • Enjoying having children in your life
  • Gaining satisfaction from helping a child learn and develop
  • Having an opportunity to use your parenting or life skills
  • Helping your own family learn to share and care for others
  • Taking on a fresh challenge, whatever your age
  • Making a difference to a child’s life

  • Why not foster with an experienced agency?
    We are

  • Rated Ofsted Outstanding 2012
    We provide
  • High levels of support for Foster Carers
  • Full training given
  • Representation at all meetings

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